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6/3/15 – How strong is your foundation?

Written by Carlton L. Arnold

“For from him and through him and to him are all things.  To him be the glory forever!”   Romans 11:36

Do you believe this verse with all of your heart and mind? 

Being a Believer at the time of Jesus Christ was not easy.  Throughout history, Christians have been persecuted for their beliefs.  Currently, just saying the name of Jesus is almost taboo in America.  The top six countries where severe persecution of Christians occurs now are North Korea, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Sudan.  I think we are at a time where every confessing Christian needs to search their souls for how deep are their beliefs, and their willingness to stand on those beliefs.


What are some basic beliefs that are foundational to a Christian?  Below is a list of beliefs that I ask you to spend some quiet time meditating on how strong your conviction is for each question.  By the way, a maturing Christian should be spiritually growing in their strength of conviction about each of these questions.  Assess your own spiritual maturity and conviction using these questions.

Do you believe:

God exists?

God is in control of everything: and not Satan or man?

God is Sovereign and can do anything He wants? 

He loves you - no matter what you do? 

God came in the form of a man named Jesus who was born of a virgin?

Jesus Christ died a horrible death by crucifixion as payment for your sins?

God raised Jesus from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit?

God has forgiven you of all your sins through the death, and resurrection of Jesus?

Jesus Christ is Lord of every aspect of your life?

Jesus Christ will return to earth and pronounce judgment on this world?

You will live with Him forever in heaven as He promises in the Bible?

The Bible is God’s word to you and does not contain errors?

If you are comfortable with all of these questions…you are a maturing Believer.  Because you believe that your life and all that exists is for him, through him, and to him.  You will give him all the glory for everything forever and ever.

If some of the questions above are new to you or sound a little strange, then I suggest you spend more time in the Bible and in Bible study with other Believers.  Make it your mission to find the answers to these questions in the Bible.  Meditate on each question and determine if you truly believe what the question is asking.  Ask other Believers these questions to reinforce your beliefs as well as theirs.

Make a commitment today to live a life that says that your God is alive, powerful, and working continuously to have a deep and eternal relationship with you and everyone else in this world.  Be bold in what you believe and do not let anyone or anything compromise or weaken your beliefs.    Nothing else in this world has a greater significance.

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