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7/15/15 – Meditate on God’s Word to learn of Him

Published: Wednesday, 15 July 2015 Written by Carlton L. Arnold

I meditate on your precepts and consider your ways.  Psalm 119:15

Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible.  It takes a few days to read all of it; at least, it does for me.  The primary purpose of Psalm 119 is to talk about your relationship with God by thinking about His nature.  You can learn about His value system; about His ethics; and, the way He goes about judging.  If you find some verses difficult to understand, keep on reading.  If, however, you, as a Christian, do not take the time to read and study the Bible, how will you ever know more about God and His extreme desire to have a personal relationship with you?


The verse above is an encouragement for you to start reading and studying God’s Word.  There are four key phrases: (1) meditate on your precepts, (2) consider your ways, (3) delight in your decrees, and, (4) do not neglect your word.  I will discuss the first two this week and the second two next week.

1.  Meditate on your precepts:  Meditate is something everyone does but is not aware of it.  Meditation as a religious act has been heavily applied to Eastern religions.  This has kept many Christians from meditating.  However, meditation is something that God clearly desires of you, as a Christian.  Meditation is NOT an emptying of your mind but rather an intense focus on something.  In the verse above, the focus is to be on God’s precepts.  A precept is a “commandment” usually regarding moral conduct.  As soon as I say “moral conduct,” we Christians have a lot of work to do.  When you meditate on God’s precepts, you are focusing on why God has His commandments and what they have to do with who He is. 

2.  Consider your ways:  I love the word “consider.”  It lets me look at something from several different perspectives to arrive at a conclusion.  In this case, we have to consider God’s ways.  When Jesus was confronted with the prostitute caught in the act, consider how He redirected the attention of her accusers to themselves.  Similar to this situation is when someone is speaking badly about someone else, and there is no one there to protect that person’s reputation.  God would be involved in these types of situations.  This is “considering His ways.”  When you consider His ways, you will be better prepared to act Christ-like in a situation that God has prepared for you to become more Christ-like.

I hope you can see that God wants you to know Him as much as you can.  This will require a time commitment as well as the exercise of meditation on God.

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