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7/22/15 – Do not neglect God’s Word

Written by Carlton L. Arnold

I delightin your decrees; I will not neglect your wordPsalm 119:16

When you are reading God’s Word, it is required of you to read slowly and reread what you have just read.  After this, meditate on the words that you have read.  Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to you wonderful truths about life and relationships.  God says that He has given you the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you into truth.  You will not find God’s truth through your own intellect.  It must come from the Spirit. 

Many Christians use the excuse that they cannot understand the Bible.  Read and study the parts you do understand and other parts of the Bible will begin to be revealed to you by the Holy Spirit.  For example, the birth of Christ in Luke, Chapters 1 & 2, is not that difficult, as most children know the story.  But, in that story is one of the most powerful verses about God, “For no word from God will ever fail.” (Luke 1:37) 


 1.    Delight in your decrees:  You could almost call this an oxymoron.  Delight is a sign of being pleased, while decrees refer to the established laws of God.  One dictionary defined decrees as “God’s eternal, unchangeable, holy, wise, and sovereign purpose, comprehending at once all things that ever were or will be in their causes.”  I like that definition!  When I read a magazine that discusses evolution, life on other planets, the vastness of millions of universes, or any other science article, it is very hard not to “delight in God’s decrees.”  An example of this is when the article is speaking of the mathematical preciseness of the planet earth to sustain life.  Another example is the theory of the God-particle that existed before the Big Bang.  I don’t look on these theories as man’s way of explaining the laws of the universe but as God’s decrees.  It is astounding that there is a God who has decreed all that we sense, all that we cannot sense, and, at the same time, desires a personal relationship with each of us.  Wow!

 2.    Not neglect your word:  If you neglect God’s word, consider the things that you would have missed.  God has created book that is like none other.  No human being or group of human beings could have envisioned the contents of God’s Word.  This fact drives me to read and study His Word.  And, the more I do, the more I find the Truth about life that I cannot find in any science or psychology book.  For someone to live his or her life without God is depressing.  For a Christian to live their life without reading and studying God’s Word is despairing and foolish.  A Christian misses the best of their life when they do not spend time in the Bible.  When you see the reality and TRUTH in God’s Word, you could read any atheistic book, science book, etc. and find God all over the place. 

I pray you will never neglect your personal reading and studying of God’s Word.  Your life will never be the same.

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