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12/2/15: Only the Holy Spirit can explain Spiritual Truths

Written by Carlton L. Arnold

But it is the spirit in a person, the breath of the Almighty, that gives them understanding.  Job 32:8

The verse above summarizes how to grow as a Christians.  It is through the Holy Spirit and only the Holy Spirit.  When you accept Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, God gives you the Holy Spirit to live in you.  He does this because the only way to grow spiritually is through the Spirit.  No one can grow spiritually using his or her own mind or intellect.  I have tried it, and it quickly becomes obvious that there is no power and no opportunity for me to become more Christ-like.  If anything, I grow less Christ-like and more flesh-like.


The Holy Spirit is referred to as the “breath of the Almighty”.  This truly makes me stop and think deeply about the Spirit of God living in me.  I hope you stop and think on this truth.  The Spirit of the Almighty living God lives within you.  Jesus told His disciples that He must leave this earth so that the “Counselor” or Holy Spirit would come and give them spiritual power.  This is the key to understanding the Holy Spirit in your life.  It is the Holy Spirit that gives you the true power that results in seeing God at work. 

When I was a young Christian and began to teach the Bible, I used my own intellect and understanding to present Bible lessons.  They were ineffective and powerless.  The class may have enjoyed what I said but no lives were changed for God.  I can think back to those times and realize how ridiculous I must have seemed to God to try to teach His truths without using His Spirit.  It was like nailing a nail in a board using only your hand and not a hammer. 

God was patient with me and, eventually, I got the point.  Only the Holy Spirit is the true spiritual teacher for Believers.  I could not teach anyone anything about spiritualties that would help them grow in their understanding.  God gave me a hunger for His Word that has continued for 37 years.  He has shown me things about the Bible that are rare and precious.  His “breath” consumed me when reading a passage and receiving spiritual understanding.  My life changed dramatically, because I began to rely on the Holy Spirit for everything.  Now my life abounds with spiritual contentment.  Whenever the world invades my soul and begins to encroach upon my joy in Christ, I can go to God’s Word immediately and God restores peace and joy to my life.  This has been invaluable to me in losing my self and gaining Christ. 

Let the breath of God overcome you.  Become overwhelmed with the power of the Holy Spirit as you get rid of the flesh that is in you and replace it with the love of Christ.  This is the reason that Jesus said to love your enemies, return good for evil, and love God and serve others.  These living principles cannot be a part of your life without your total surrender to God.  Once you have seen the Holy Spirit work in your life to change the life of another, you will want to continually live in the Spirit while on this earth.  One other thing will happen: this earth and everything in it will grow strangely dim in the light and glory of Jesus Christ.

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