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1/27/16: Keep your mind focused on God

Published: Wednesday, 27 January 2016 Written by Carlton L. Arnold

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal. Isaiah 26:3-4

This world loves to get you confused, distracted, and frustrated.  Your mind cannot be “steadfast” if you don’t stop, remove yourself from worldly influences, and focus on trusting God.  Don’t we all desire something that is not temporary, fast food oriented, here today and gone tomorrow, rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off?  I know I do.  When I watch my grandchildren text messages by typing with their thumbs, I go crazy.  I ask them how they can type so fast with only their two thumbs.  All I get back is a technologically ignorant look.  Do you know what I mean?

 If we could stop ourselves for a few minutes out of each day, God promises to keep us in perfect peace.  WOW!!  How can you beat that?  I would think peace would be enough, but God promises “perfect” peace.  What would you think perfect peace is?  God gives you a feeling of security, because He is in control.  His sovereignty is above any and all of creation.  The dinosaurs could not outlive Him.  Satan could not plot against Him.  The largest exploding star in all of the millions of universes does not have a chance against Him.  Yet, He knows every hair on your head.   

I believe perfect peace is one of our deepest yearnings, and we try everything in this world to get it; when all we have to do is to read some of His Psalms or read the book of Hebrews.  The Holy Spirit will put your mind on God and peace will overcome you.  Another way the Bible describes how to steadfastly keep your mind on God is to think on those things that are above and not the things of the earth.

The things of the earth are easy to identify.  Kids, jobs, house payment, bills, in-laws...need I say more?  They consume our very being.  Things above are God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, Heaven, a new heaven and a new earth, no more crying, no Satan and his demons…need I say more?  Perfect peace is yours if you will keep your mind steadfastly on Him and trust Him.

Now, how do you trust Him?  I think we all have experienced a little distrust in people.  It doesn’t feel too good.  You can ask yourself, “How can I ever trust them again?”  It’s hard.  God is on the opposite end.  You can trust Him with your life because YOU ARE placing your trust in Him with your life whether you are a Believer or not.  You can trust Him with your spouse, because when He looks at you, He sees your spouse and vice versa.  He sees the two of you as ONE!  You can trust Him with your children, because children are very precious to Him.  There are other things you can trust Him for, but do you trust Him?  Are His promises true?  Is His way of living the best way to live on this earth?  Does He have your best interest in mind when it comes to His will about you?

It is easy to trust God when you know what you trust Him about.  He is trustworthy.  He has never broken a promise.  His Truths are absolute and are to never be compromised.  He is the LORD, the Rock eternal.  It is very interesting that Isaiah, an Old Testament book, uses the word “Rock” to refer to God.  Sometime when you want to steadfastly think on God, get a Concordance, preferably an unabridged concordance, and track the word “rock" through the Bible.  I have and the revelation was almost too much to handle.  You see, Christ is known as our “Rock”.  The Old Testament is full of references to the “Rock”.  I think that these references are referring to Jesus Christ even in the Old Testament.  Knowing this makes me want to think about God more than I do now.  Don’t forget these wonderful verses.  They will change your life.

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