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4/20/16 – Godliness with contentment is great gain

Written by Carlton L. Arnold

But godliness with contentment is great gain.  For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. 1 Timothy 6:6-7

These verses speak of something that I continue to seek every day of my life: contentment.  Some days are better than others.  I know to reach a state of contentment, as these verses describe, I must start with God.  I must think of Him as my Creator and Sustainer.  He is my Provider and my Protector.  He is my Peace and my Love.  Contentment is not attainable without putting these God thoughts into my mind.


If anything in the world gets through these God thoughts, contentment disappears and worry takes its place.  Guess who is responsible for allowing these worldly worries to enter my mind: ME!  I am responsible for what my mind thinks about.  No one can climb into my mind and make me think certain things.  I know that some of you are probably saying that Satan can affect my thoughts.  I agree with you if you do not have any God thoughts on your mind.  In other words, an empty, confused, or idle mind is a choice location for Satan or one of his demons to weaken a Believer. 

These devils can feed your mind all kinds of thoughts that make contentment hard to achieve.  They can tell you that you are worthless and of no value to anyone.  They can tell you how badly you behave and how bad your attitude is toward certain people. These are all lies, because Satan is a liar.  He is also an accuser of what you have done.  He is also a deceiver to get you to do things that you would not normally do.  One of Satan’s most used techniques is to get you to worry.

Why worry about anything?  As the verses above say, “you brought nothing into this world and you can take nothing out of it.”  Do not be deceived by Satan.  Satan can do nothing to you without God’s permission.  This is a tough one to accept, but God says He will use anything to get you closer to Him.  The best example of this is Job in the Old Testament.  Job had a pride problem about his being piously religious.  When all the bad things happened to him caused by Satan and permitted by God, Job sincerely thought that God owed him an explanation for why he had to suffer.  God knew that only an attack from Satan would bring Job back to Him (God).

Therefore, always think on God first until you reach contentment.  You will find peace that you cannot explain.  You can be in the middle of all kinds of worldly problems, and you can still reach contentment.  For those worldly things that have burdened you, give them to Jesus.  He will direct your efforts to resolve those things to the point where they are no longer a problem or a worry.  But first, always think on God.

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