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11/9/16 - Time for a revival?

Published: Wednesday, 09 November 2016 Written by Carlton L. Arnold

Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you? Show us your unfailing love, O LORD, and grant us your salvation.   Psalm 85:6-7

I am old enough to have participated in many old time revivals.  You do not hear and see as many of these types of revival meetings in today’s churches.  I guess you can say that man has progressed past the need for revival.  I strongly disagree.  There is a real need for true revival to occur, but I do not think the method should be the same as the old time revivals. 

Modern man has moved to a more individualistic philosophy of living.  This is where I think Satan has played a major role in damaging man’s relationship with God and other people.  We believe the lie that, “I’ll do my thing, and you do your thing; just don’t bother me.”  It’s a shame but that’s where the world is today.  Social networking is stronger than ever, but it is predominantly through electronic devices.  There is very little interaction face to face. 


The world has also become very small.  There is so much information that is now available to everyone through networking.  A person’s thinking about how to live their lives has become very private.  They can share general information about themselves (including pictures), but they do not get involved with religion. 

For example, several years ago, the church I attended had a program to start Bible studies in neighborhoods.  There were some nice signs to promote the studies that you could place in your front yard.  Not more than a day went by when I received an anonymous note in my mailbox from a neighbor saying that he was offended by the sign and told me to remove it.  I removed it so that I would not potentially harm a future opportunity to relate to that person.

If this is the norm for people today, how can you ever expect a revival to occur?  God has His ways and they usually involve judgment.  It is my opinion that God will judge and there will be revival in the hearts of many people.  When that happens, the verse above is a great prayer to God. 

As Christians, we need to be prepared by experiencing revival in our own lives, and I think it should happen at least once per year.  Anything can bring on your revival, but you have to ask God for it and expect it.  The following is what will happen to you.

“REVIVE”… after trudging along week after week through the rat race of this world, doesn’t it sound good that God will revive you?  A drink of water can revive you on a hot day…think of the person who created water reviving you.  

“REJOICE”… great word for the feeling we experience when relieved of a burden, illness, or getting through a crisis. 

“UNFAILING LOVE”… the love that only God can give you, because He is always eternally faithful.

“SALVATION”… from not only what this world can throw at you but also the salvation from being judged by God for all of your sins. 

Please pray that you will experience revival in your spiritual life.  Ask the Holy Spirit to change your focus from yourself, your problems, and this world to the one and only true living God.  Those people who experience this revival will be different…the Holy Spirit will make that happen.

 (From Life-Changing Verses – Volume 3, Chapter 51)

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