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God: You, Sin and Grace

Written by Carlton L. Arnold

PART 4 – God has given you all the grace you need!

Jesus said, “Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”  Luke 23:34

Last week, I identified whom Jesus was asking forgiveness for.  I said it was the Roman soldiers who killed him; the Jewish leaders who had manipulated the sentencing of crucifixion; and, all of the people in the crowd screaming, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” But there is one more person that Jesus was asking God to forgive and that’s YOU!  This is the most critical part of salvation, and that is “do you believe what Jesus said.”


Why did Jesus have to die on the cross?  For your sins!  How much grace did it take for Jesus to forgive your sins.  All of His grace was needed, because you are a lowly sinner.  Do you have that much grace for other people?  Remember, it’s not your grace. It is the grace shown by Christ.  God has finished all of this eternal work with grace and sin so that you can stand before Him holy.  If you cannot see yourself with this much grace, you are not seeing yourself as the sinner described in Part 1.  You have not reached a point of lowliness, of emptiness, of how your sin killed Jesus Christ.

On that cross, Jesus took the wrath of God intended for your sins and He suffered that wrath – all of it.   Romans 5:8 describes a powerful message.  While you were in the act of sinning, the body of Christ was being torn apart and decimated.  Jesus could see you sinning directly in front of Him while He was being tormented on the cross.  (See Romans 5:8.)

There is nothing that you could do, can do, or will do that can change this.  The moment you are reading this (right now!) is the center of all creation watching you being forgiven for your sins.  What is it in your life that you have done that can be so bad that you can stop all of heaven and cry out, “My sin is worse than any amount of God’s grace and Christ dying for it means nothing.”  Christ wasted His death because my guilt is too heavy, or I have to blame myself because of what I did, or nothing in all of creation can correct the damage that I have done because of my sin.  Jesus said to you personally while He was on the cross, “I forgive you, for you do not know what you are doing!”

When are you going to allow that “self” in you to be crucified with Christ so that you will be able to receive the forgiveness of God?  If you cannot see it, you might as well say that all of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit are meaningless to you.  They offer nothing for you.  You can choose to live any life you want to live and in any way you want to live it.  You owe God nothing.  You can become a total and complete sinner in all that you do, because you can’t believe that God’s grace can forgive you of your worst sins.  It’s your choice to believe that your sin is greater than the death of the Son of God.  That’s not the Good News of Jesus Christ – He came so that ALL sins will be forgiven as God repeats over an over in His Word, the Bible.

The bottom line to all of this is that you need to allow the Holy Spirit to show you your sin level and your grace level.  No matter how many sins you have committed, you are committing, and you will commit, God’s grace is sufficient to forgive and forget all of your sins.  Jesus demonstrated God’s grace for while we are yet sinners, He died for us.  What about you and others?   Is your grace level as high as Christ?  Probably not!  But, don’t you think that you and all Christians should be working on the grace that God has given us by sharing it with others.  The more you realize how much grace God has shown you, the more you will be able to show forgiveness to others as Christ did for you. This is why it is almost blasphemy to believe that Christ could not forgive you of all of your sins.

A Christian demonstrating grace to someone else is closer to being Christ-like than anything else in this world.  If you agree with this statement, get to work on your grace level…NOW!


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