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Obedience: Let God review your obedience to Him on a regular basis

Published: Wednesday, 07 May 2014 Written by Carlton L. Arnold

The name of the righteous is used in blessings, but the name of the wicked will rot.  Proverbs 10:7

If you look back over your life (regardless of your current age – young or old), God will show you the spiritual impact you have had on others.  He may show you someone that you had the opportunity to present the story of the gospel, and they accepted Jesus Christ by faith.  You may have encouraged someone in their spiritual living to “be strong and of good courage” in their faith and belief.  You may have given someone a spiritual truth from the Bible that they needed to get through some tough times here on earth.  They could not have done it without you.  You may have anonymously given financial aid that helped someone get out of the bondage of debt and become free to live a life for God.  Because of your obedience to God, their life changed and they now live a life for God.  There are many more examples where Christians have helped others with a pure and clean heart. Their obedience was proved by their actions.


All of these spiritual events are considered as “acts of kindness to others”.  They are also called “self-sacrifice” for the benefit of others.  They are the result of a spiritual interaction between a Christian and the Holy Spirit whereby God, through the Holy Spirit, has given you a clear picture of the will of God in serving others.  You respond in obedience to God.  Every time you, as a Christian, act in obedience to God, the verse above says that your name is considered righteous and results in a blessing to others.  I have experienced this several times when I hear certain names mentioned that gave me an immediate blessing and renewed strength to live a life for God.  Those names were of Christians who were strong in their faith.  They were at peace with this world.  They never seemed to be controlled by other people.  In fact, even though they were always in the background, they were heavily involved in serving others.  They truly lived a full and abundant life.

The verse above contains a very strong positive outcome for obedience.  However, it is not the same when disobedience is in our lives.  None of us like to read the rest of the verse.  Your disobedience to God becomes wickedness and your name will produce rot.  These are very strong words and no one wants to hear them.

As human beings, we naturally want to avoid things that hurt. At the same time, I realized that God wants you and me pure and clean before Him.   Pondering on this verse and the significant impact it had on my life caused me to stop and ask God to always put me through a review of my obedience or lack of obedience to Him no matter how much pain was involved.  I want to be pure, clean, and holy before Him, and I can only do that if I love Him with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength…AND, if I love others as I love myself.  A large part of my obedience to God is seen through my serving others.

Try to think of situations that you have found yourself in that were clearly either a testimony for God or a weakness of your flesh that results in sin taking control of your life.  The memory of those situations will either be the favorable aroma of a sweet smelling flower, or, if your decision was to live for your flesh, then the aroma is more like a stench of something rotting.

How do you think of your disobedience to God today?  Have you decided that there are small disobediences that you can get by with God?  Does the impact you have on others become a huge part of your view of disobeying God?  Jesus summarized the obedience to God as loving Him and serving others.  How do you think you are doing in showing God’s self-sacrificial love to others?  Jump off the pedestal you have built for yourself to make you feel good about yourself.  Ask God to put you through a review of your obedience to Him by using the verse above.  Ask Him to do this on a regular basis.  Ask His forgiveness now (as you read this), and start looking at others as better than yourself.


NOTE: The book, “God and Men: No-Holds-Barred” received a Christian Writers Award in the category of Christian Living this past week.  I praise God fully, completely, and with no hesitation that He is responsible for this recognition.  God is the one who led me to begin writing books and He led me to write a book on Christian men.  This book will also receive recognition when I participate in a discussion about the leadership of men on the Moody Bible Radio, a nation-wide radio station, on May 17.  Also, I will be interviewed about this book by the Christian Television Network on June 26.  CTV is headquartered in Largo, Fl and reaches 8 states with viewership in the millions.  Again, my prayer all along is that men’s lives will be changed through the reading of this book.

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