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The Book of James: The Behavior of Christians - It will hurt you!

Published: Thursday, 26 June 2014 Written by Carlton L. Arnold

The book of James, most likely the brother of Jesus, was one of the first books written in the New Testament.  Tradition says that James became a Christian after Jesus¹ resurrection.  The Bible provides evidence that James was recognized as the leader of the Christian churches in and around Jerusalem.  The spiritual truths contained in James clearly describe how a Christian should live.  In particular, James describes the need for faith and works in a Christian¹s life; the importance of Godly wisdom; and, the potentially devastating impact when Christians behave badly.  There is a strong comparison of the world and the spirit.

Below, I offer an outline for you to use to read certain topics.  I will probably have used all of these references in Life-Changing Verses.  However, I would like your input on writing a book of application on the Book of James. Your input would be extremely helpful to spend the time and effort to write an application book on the Book of James.

Topic: The behavior of Christians (Members of the Church ­ the Body of Christ)

Scripture Reference             

         From James                  Truth/Life Application



Consider it pure joy when your faith is tested because, then, you will start to mature as a Christian.


You are tempted when the ³desire² within you is attracted to an external temptation; this leads to sin and a dysfunctional relationship with God.


Listen to others; don¹t be in a hurry to talk; don¹t have a quick temper.



DO what the Bible tells you!  You will be blessed.



Religion, by God¹s definition, is this: take care of orphans and widows who are having a hard time and keep yourself from being contaminated by the world.



Don¹t show favoritism by judging the appearance of others.



The kind and amount of faith you have will be evident from what you do.  Increasing faith changes the way you respond to other¹s needs.



There is tremendous power when you talk to others.  Out of your mouth can come praise or cursing.  Your negative and demeaning words can cause unbelievable pain to another person and God.



The wisdom you get from God is pure, peace-loving,

considerate, humble, full of mercy, impartial and sincere.  Worldly wisdom is full of envy, bitterness, and selfish ambition.  This is why there is so much division, fighting, and confusion in the world.  Everyone of the world is out to get what they want and get it when they want it.


If you view the world as a friend, then you will hate God and His ways.  Humble yourself before God, and He will give you strength.



Live your life in God¹s will.  If you know that God wants you to do something good, and you don¹t do it, then you have sinned.



Be patient until the Lord¹s coming again.  Don¹t grumble and complain with each other.  Pray for one another as you talk about your sins to one another.  The prayer of a person living in God¹s will is powerful and effective.



Let me know what you think about a book that will be ³hard-hitting² on the book of James.  The title of the book would be something like this, ³When God hits you with a 2X4!²

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