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Your Life: A Powerful Witness for God

Published: Wednesday, 09 July 2014 Written by Carlton L. Arnold

Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us.  1 Peter 2:12

I was sued one time attempting to do the job that my company had assigned me as the supervisor of a small group of eight employees.  It was my first-ever management position, and I did not know if I could handle it.

After a few months, I discovered an extremely poor work ethic involving one of the employees reporting to me.  I sought advice from the Personnel Department on what to do.  What began as documenting late arrivals and no-shows to work quickly grew into documenting almost every incident involving this employee.  This took so much time that I could not spend the time needed to supervise the work of the other seven employees.  I was spending over 50% of my time documenting in detail the performance of the employee.  As a last resort to help the employee, the Personnel Department asked me to complete the employee’s working along side them as a joint effort.   We were inseparable for the final three months before the employee was fired.  A few months later, the Personnel Department informed me that the employee had sued the company and me (personally) for wrongful dismissal.

The above incident occurred while I was experiencing a new and strong growth in my relationship with God.  The Bible verse above from the book of Peter helped me get through this very trying time.  My flesh did not want to spend all of that time documenting, teaching, and reviewing that employee’s performance.  I had the idea that we could promote the employee to a new job in a different department; therefore, I would be passing off the problem.  This is never a good idea for the company.

I also wanted to give up, and let the employee do whatever he/she wanted.  In other words, ignore the problem.  I knew this was ethically wrong, because the company was paying a salary to get a certain job done, and it was not getting done.  I also discovered that everyone else in the group knew about the employee’s performance, and was wondering why management was not addressing the problem.

After the suit was filed, I never heard another word from anyone.  I followed up with the Personnel Department on the final court action regarding the suit, and learned that it had been dismissed with no prejudice.  All of my documentation was more than sufficient to eliminate any type of trials, testimonies, or affidavits.  Basically, God had guided my mind and my heart on how one person should treat another person.  This is what I heard from my management in how I had handled the case.  Few people commented that they would have had the amount of specific details about the employee’s performance that I had put together over the almost one year effort.

As a Christian, God tells us to live such good lives among those who are not Christians that they see our good deeds and glorify God.  To me, this is something that most Christians are not practicing when it comes to non-Christians.  God may have put me in the incident above so that someone might come to know what Christ did for him or her on the cross.  If, as a Christian, I had acted as a worldly person, there would not have been any opportunity for God to be praised.  At all times and under all situations, our behavior must be above and beyond what the world expects.  This is my calling as a Christian.  It is, emphatically, your calling as a Christian.

If someone asks you to walk one mile…walk two miles.   Always provide tips for meals that are Christ-like and not worldly measured.  Spontaneously and anonymously, pay for someone else’s meal.  Perform a Random Act of Kindness for those who do not deserve your kindness.  Christians need to be different than the people of the world.  We need to recognize the SERIOUS responsibility that what we say and do may be the only opportunity through which some people may see who God is.  Are you actively involved in this kind of Christian work?  If not, get busy and start.

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