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Death: The Last Enemy Christ Destroyed

Published: Wednesday, 23 July 2014 Written by Carlton L. Arnold

Then the end will come, when he hands over the kingdom to God the Father after he has destroyed all dominion, authority and power. For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. The last enemy to be destroyed is death. 1 Corinthians 15:24-26

There have been a very few people in history who have tried to avoid death.  All of them failed.  All anyone can do is prolong the inevitable.  You, me, and everyone you know will die.  With the introduction of sin into our bodies, we will all eventually suffer physical death separation from this earthly life.  The verses above make it clear that Jesus Christ has defeated man’s last enemy…death.  As tough as this may sound, all Believers have an urgent need to understand, appreciate, and praise God for the significance of Christ defeating death.  Let me give you a personal example.

When I was younger, I thought like most young people about death…I didn’t!  I had a life to live, and I wanted to live it to its maximum.  Death is a “downer”.  It is depressing.  I wanted to avoid the thoughts of my death as much as possible.  What I did not realize was that death will always linger in the background of your life.  This is why Jesus called the last enemy to all Believers.

Death kept popping up when a loved one died, or when the news would announce someone’s death.  Movie stars and sports personalities seem to get an overdue amount of attention when they die.  I have always wondered why?  As human beings, we become interested when someone famous dies.  However, their heart stops beating just exactly like your heart or my heart will stop beating.  Every human being is on level ground when it comes to dying.  Death is the one thing that none of us want to think about.  UNLESS, you are a Believer!  Death has been defeated by Christ to enable us to live eternally with God.  It finally sunk into my thick skull that this is great news!  This is difficult to say, but death is a time to celebrate for a Believer.  We can now enter into the presence of the eternal God.

Let me mention that the Bible speaks of a Second Death discussed in Revelation 20.  This death is for unbelievers only.  These people will experience the Second Death, because they will be eternally separated from God.  Believers will not experience the Second Death.  It is appropriate for you, as a Believer, to thank God, praise the Lord, and show gratitude toward Christ for defeating death for all Believers.

Death is a physical separation from the person who dies and those who remain living on this earth.  There is always a time of adjustment when you lose a loved one.  May I say that, as Believers, this adjustment time should become shorter and shorter?  We should learn to vigorously celebrate the life of a Believer as a testimony to the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit raised Jesus from the dead with an indestructible and glorified body.  The Holy Spirit will do the same for each and every Believer.  I suggest you read all of 1 Corinthians 15 to catch a glimpse of the “power” of your future resurrected body.  You will come away impressed that God would make Believers superhuman (my term.)  This is another appropriate time at the death of a Believer to praise God, show gratitude to Jesus Christ for defeating death, and look forward to the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit changing your old, weak, decaying body into a glorious, strong, never perishing resurrected body.  Praise the Lord!

A Believer can truly ask death where is its victory and where is its sting.  They do not exist because Jesus Christ has defeated death.  Death is not a downer or a depressor for a Believer.  Meditate on the following carefully: death has nothing but future hopes, spiritual peace, and physical healing for all Believers.  The more I talk about death in this way, the more I want to join Paul in his desire to leave this world, and to go on to live with God.  If all Believers would begin to encourage one another in this way, our perspective of death would be significantly different from the unbeliever.  Do you think that God could use us in that situation as a living testimony to His unconditional love, forgiveness, and mercy?  It is possible that someone may see God in you for the first time in their life and come to a personal intimate knowledge of who He is.  Death has been nullified and removed as an emotional roller coaster for all Believers.  Believers can now CELEBRATE the death of a Believer!

Let us all pray that we, as Believers, will not act as unbelievers when a loved one dies.  Let us all be encouraged that our loved one, who is now with God, is experiencing no pain, has no tears in their eyes, gets a blinding smile on their face when they see Jesus, and will be able to move their bodies like no one on earth can through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.  I hope you can demonstrate gratitude for Jesus defeating death.  It may take you some time to remove your worldly understanding, but DO IT!

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