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TRUTH: Who has the real Truth - the World or God?

Published: Wednesday, 03 September 2014 Written by Carlton L. Arnold

Note: This article is Chapter 1 of the God and Men: No-Holds-Barred that was published in January of this year.  I encourage men (and women) to buy this book and commit to reading all of it.  If you are married, I suggest that the husband and wife alternate reading a chapter each night.  Based on comments and reviews that I have received, this is a Life Changing opportunity for you.



And the Word of God says:


Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”  John 14:6



This is a discussion of TRUTH, because all of your philosophies about how you live your life are based on either believing what the world says or what God says.  Unfortunately, most men base the way they live on the world.  I think it is because men are very logical and “seeing is believing” is a standard of living for them.  One other reason is that the church and Christianity have become overly womanized.  Men would rather abdicate than struggle with spiritual truths.  These themes will be repeated many, many times in the following chapters.

The world is currently bombarded with different ways of looking at what Truth is.  The Truth in this context is those foundational beliefs that a person has developed in their life that govern their behavior and influence how they make decisions.  An example would be the definition of marriage.  The worldview currently defines marriage as between any two adults (male and/or female).  The spiritual view defines marriage as stated in the Bible—between male and female only.  There are many other issues that have been defined with those two views: world or spiritual.


I am asking you, as a Brother in Christ, to reach a conviction on the spiritual view of these issues.  However, many Christians will not stand on their convictions because of the possibility of being called “intolerant”.   When a Christian does this, I think there is severe damage to the growth of the Kingdom of God on this earth.  The Kingdom of God is defined in the Bible with certain beliefs and morals.  Unfortunately, we have compromised those beliefs and morals to be “politically correct.”  Shame on us!


In this chapter, I want to give my own overview of history that has gotten us to where we are today with worldview thinking.  This overview helps me overcome most of the worldly philosophies, because I found them empty.  I hope it helps you too!


Between 350BC and AD1500, the earth was considered the center of the universe.  During this time, the church and state became intermingled for the sake of power of Kings ruling over the masses.  The Church defined truth, and the Church said that the earth was the center of the universe and was flat.  About AD1500, Copernicus discovered and proved that the earth is not the center of the universe.  He used reasoning as well as research to make this claim.  Naturally, the Church took an adverse position to Copernicus, because it did not want to be found wrong.


Around AD1600, Galileo confirmed the findings of Copernicus making the Church look even more foolish.  About AD1700, Sir Isaac Newton put forth the idea that the universe performed like a machine.  During these years, faith was being eroded by reason.  Reason was becoming the tool for man to search for the meaning of his existence.  God was no longer necessary to explain the universe.  By the 1800’s, scientists were defining “knowledge” as only observable data; a way of thinking called “naturalism”.  There was little, if no, room for God, faith, miracles, etc.


In 1859, Darwin’s Origin of the Species was published and secular humanism became a powerful method of explaining everything in the universe.  Truth was only truth if it was discovered through reason and based on natural cause and effect.


However, people became disenchanted with naturalism, because it could not answer the questions concerning the life of man; for example, the purpose of man, the meaning of life, definition of values and morals, etc.  There were many “soft” issues that reason and naturalism could not address: love, beauty, relationships, etc.  As a result, there was the introduction of Modern Thought that presented the idea that everything is relative.  Truth can only be defined by each individual in his or her own way.  This sounds absolutely crazy to me, but that is what was taught in schools and colleges.


As a consequence, Absolute Truth did not exist.  Truth was defined in the mind of each individual.  This worldview of thinking was soon uncovered for what it was: despairing, hopeless, and empty.  What has arisen is a search by individuals to try to answer the meaning of life questions.  That is why there has been a recent increased interest in the “spiritual” side of living than ever before.  Man has come to the point of knowing that there is something else out there but is still not willing to believe in God.


Today, the truth is based only on things observable; this is called science.  Science deals with facts that are reliable and true.  Morality and religion are based on the values that are subjective and relative to the individual.  Do you see the error in this thinking?  Today’s world philosophy separates Knowledge from Belief.  Believers should have a comprehensive worldview: God’s laws cover everything in creation.  Are you willing to stand on this truth as a conviction for your philosophy of life?


For the Believer, there should be no separation between the things of God and the things of this world.  As a Believer, nothing lies outside the realm of God.  The major challenge for Believers today is to be convicted of what they believe by FAITH and not try to PROVE the existence of and the work of God.  HE is the WAY, TRUTH, and LIFE.  God has addressed all aspects of man’s existence and He has the answers for all of the questions that man can ask.   It is man that has erroneously tried to answer those questions without the knowledge of God.


As a Christian man, you have a decision to make every day as to the strength of the conviction you have concerning spiritual things.  I’m not asking you to be a street corner preacher (unless the Holy Spirit directs you to).  I’m putting forth that Christians do not need to be wimpy or shy about their spirituality.  At the same time, Christians should not be judgmental about forcing their convictions on others.  The Bible says that only the Holy Spirit can bring conviction to a man.


Finally, the Bible says that you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.  The lie that is believed by many Christian men is that this world can satisfy their needs.  The truth is that only Spiritual freedom is true freedom that will allow you to live a full and abundant life.


I deeply pray that as you read this book that your personal convictions will become very well defined about all of the “relative” things going on in the world today.  I also pray that you will become so convinced of your convictions that you will stand against  all of the things that God would not be pleased with.  And if anyone asks why you believe in your convictions so deeply, you will be able to explain that there are the truths you can learn from the world that are really lies, or that you can learn from the Absolute Truth provided by God.  Depending on your view of life (worldly or spiritually), each of you will have positive and negative responses as you read this book.  Let the Holy Spirit guide you through the selected Bible verses and the discussion that  follows.  A commitment to read this entire book will result in some changes in you life.

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