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What are “Life-Changing Verses” books all about?

Each of the books written about Life-Changing Verses reveals a thoughtful, Biblical approach to daily issues in today’s context.

Life-Changing Verses provides real life applications based on selected Bible verses.  Each book is based on 52 Bible passages that are explained and put into Biblical context.  These Bible passages are discussed in today’s language making application simple for any reader.  However, the applications are strong and hit hard with what God is saying in His Word.  The reader is challenged to put into practice spiritual truths that will introduce life-changing experiences.

The books approach personal issues such as depression hopelessness, and family problems, all based on getting to know God and Christ.  Each chapter promotes the idea of encouragement and conviction to a Believer and his/her beliefs.

I discuss openly about these spiritual matters in hope that providing personal examples of the work Christ can do in people’s lives will inspire readers to work on their personal relationship with Him. Application of Biblical truths are real life personal challenges for the reader to consider in their life.

The fourth book titled, Life-Changing Verses for Men, is a “No-Holds-Barred” perspective of God and Men.  Due to several formal critiques, the current title was recommended to be changed to a tougher sounding title to fit the strength of the book.  The new title is planned to be, God and Men: No-Holds-Barred.  This book was written based on requests by many people who had read Life-Changing Verses, Volume 1.

I hope that these books will appeal to individuals who want to know about God, from the very beginning of their Christian life (and, even before becoming a Christian)  as well as be very convicting for mature Christians.  It is intended to be tough on Christians and “tell it like it is” so that Christians will become real in living a life for Christ in the world today.”

My prayer is that this book will create a hunger for Christians to have a personal relationship with Jesus.  I want readers to seek to know Him in his fullness and serve others because of what God has done in their lives.”


 Your life will never be the same!

 After 35 years of teaching the Bible, I have found that the greatest obstacle for Christians who sincerely want to grow in Christ is “how to apply the Word of God in a real and practical way to their lives in today’s world.”  With the encouragement of many people and some personal  issues in my own life, I began writing the first book in Sept, 2012.  My personal issues as well as many more issues about my life are used in the books to make the Bible passages come alive in seeing how God works in our personal lives today.

I can now thank God for the personal health issues, because I would never have  written the first book. Since Sept, 2012, I have published four books, and there is more information about each book that you can find on this web site.

 Please take the time to look through the information that I have provided for each book.  I hope that you are lead to read them.  I believe that they will be “life-changing” for you.  You will grow stronger in your relationship with God and others.  You will grow to become more Christ-like in the way you live.  You will become more familiar with your Bible.  Finally, I believe that your convictions about your faith and beliefs will be stronger.

 Please feel free to contact me through the blog on this web site or the following contact points:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.