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 To help you understand this book


Before reading this book, I strongly encourage you to read the following.

Wives, this book will not change your husband. Children, don’t think that your Father will start acting differently. Employer, do not believe that your employee will all of a sudden become “Employee of the Month”. Men, I have no expectations that this book will have any impact on you, because men are basically hardheaded and are difficult to change. The reason I say all of these things is because the Bible is clear about life-changing events. God changes people through divine actions and the power of the Holy Spirit.

I will not accept that something that I said in this book will introduce change in a man’s life. But I do expect that the Holy Spirit will do a work in a man to make that man more Christ-like.

The way you answer, “What is Truth?” has a significant impact on how you read this book. This book is based on a spiritual view that God exists and is actively involved in the lives of all Believers. Even if you have some doubts about this, you will reach your own personal conviction by reading this book.

There are sufficient discussions about the purposes of man that will result in you, as a man, having a clear understanding about your personal convictions. You will probably not agree with everything I say. That’s ok as long as you know that my source for truth will always be the Bible and the leading of the Holy Spirit. My prayer is that there will be a sufficient number of men who will read this book and make some decisions to become a more active Christian man with strong convictions about the Kingdom of God on this earth. If that happens, changes will occur to other people in families, communities, churches, and the world.
   Unlike the other books about Life-Changing Verses.


I have divided the 52 chapters of this book into five sections. I did this so that you will know where a particular topic fits into your maturing as a Christian. Most men want to get to the meat of things, so these sections will help a man decide where to read. However, man or woman, my prayer is that you will be led by the Holy Spirit to read this entire book and apply it to your Christian life.

The five Sections are as follows:

Section 1, “Foundations of Being a Believer ”, contains discussions that form the basis of Christian beliefs.

Section 2, “The Beginnings of a Growing Faith”, will help you understand what is needed to begin to grow spiritually.

Section 3, “Maturing in the Faith”, are Biblical concepts that encourage you to continue to always be growing in your faith and in your becoming more Christ-like in your life.

Section 4, “Specific topics related to Men”, contains some tough discussions on what a Christian man should be doing to grow deeper in a relationship with God and Christ.

Section 5, “Future Expectations”, describes what God expects of a mature Believer.