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Example of one of the Chapters from Volume 1:

36        Faith                Stand firm in faith

“If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.” - Isaiah 7:9b

Many, many Christians believe that the Old Testament is the “LAW”.  People outside of Christianity also believe that the Old Testament is a book of history and law and concerns a God of wrath.  The verse above comes from the Old Testament book of Isaiah and says a lot about what the Old Testament is all about…FAITH.

Faith is “being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” – Hebrews 11:1.  WOW!!  What a definition!  Read this verse several times focusing on each word.

The first part of the definition of faith above, “being sure of what we hope for” is much more specific with what you are to believe.  These are the things that God has promised in His Word.  You can have eternal life with Him through believing that Christ died on the cross for your sins.  There’s a lot of worldly events in that statement.  A man named Jesus was innocently convicted and killed around A.D. 30.  That is a worldly fact based on historical accounts and the extensive growth of Christianity in the first century.

There is also the belief that when you accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior, God placed in you the Holy Spirit as a guarantee that you have all that God has promised.  How do you know that the Holy Spirit is in you?  By faith, but also things just seem to be different.  You will begin to see results of the Spirit working in your life.

The more you give over to Christ as Lord the more you will see the Spirit’s working in your life.  I look back on my life and I am amazed how God has worked in my life to bring me to who and where I am now.

The second part of the definition of faith is interesting because it is the exact opposite of today’s philosophy of science and rational thinking.  Our world is in an “I won’t believe it until I see it” consciousness.  So, this definition of faith is hard to swallow for many people.

The reason God has defined faith in this way is that He is Spirit.  Before Creation, everything (as best I can read from the Bible) was and is spiritual.  Well, you can’t see the spiritual.  You can see the results but not the Spirit. This makes sense to me because the Spiritual realm is greater than the worldly realm.  In other words, all of Creation was created within a spiritual realm.  Therefore, “being certain of what we do not see” asks you to consider that the spiritual realm exists and is totally different from the worldly realm.

What do you do with this definition of faith from Hebrews 11:1?  Read the main verse above again.  Stand firm in your faith.  You must know your convictions about the spiritual realm, and rely on them first when confronted with someone or something (e.g., evolution) that concludes there is no spiritual realm.  Everything, including evolution, will lose its factual basis and become something based on faith (usually in science referred to as “theory”.)  This is happening today among scientists.  At the same time, I think Believers should be open minded since God created everything.  I am confident that He wants us to explore His Creation of the physical realm as much as possible.

Lastly, if you do not stand firm in your convictions, you will not stand at all.  It’s not that you will “fall” from your convictions, but you will not be able to give an account of your convictions.  Confusion, chaos, and uncertainty will dominate how you live your life.  At that time, it will be difficult for you to be a witness for the Lord.  Spend some time thinking about your personal convictions and how firm you are in those convictions especially your commitment to FAITH.