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Example of one of the chapters from Volume 3:

38        Satan   Steals, Kills, and Destroys

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.    John 10:10

The context of this verse is Jesus talking to the Jewish religious leaders about a shepherd and his sheep.  He refers to Himself as the Great Shepherd and those who believe on Him as His sheep.  What is significant about this verse is the sharp contrast of words used in the verse.  I don’t remember when this verse became so meaningful to me, but I know the Holy Spirit has brought it to my mind on numerous occasions.  I wrote on this verse in Volume 1, but I wanted to say some more about it.  I had heard the second part of the verse for many years.  I have to admit that I actually skipped over the first part of the verse, because I loved the comfort the second part gave me.  Let’s start with the first part.

The “thief” could be one of several things or all of one something.  I believe that the “thief” is Satan.  The other things that the thief could be are all motivated by the evil work of Satan.  For example, if the thief were false Messiahs (and there were plenty of them running around), then I would say that Satan influenced them.  If the thief were the religious rulers, the same thing holds.  No matter whom you select as the thief, it will always come back to the evil work of Satan.

Another indication that it is Satan is that his only purpose was to “steal and kill and destroy.”  When Satan was expelled from heaven by God (see Isaiah 14:12-15 and Ezekiel 28:17), I believe that Satan threw a major temper tantrum.  He threw everything he had against what God had created.  As an example, he literally tried to steal, kill, and destroy the Jews on several occasions throughout Jewish history.  The book of Esther is one example, and the holocaust is another example.  Satan is in the stealing, killing, and destroying business.  We, as Christians, do not need to give him the slightest foothold into our lives.

The world today is all about stealing, killing, and destroying.  For example, some of the most popular electronic games are those that allow the participant to kill and destroy monsters, aliens, and even human beings.  The news is always full of stealing, killing, and destroying.  TV shows and movies have become so graphic with stealing, killing, and destroying.  All of this worldly stuff will eventually get into people, families, and nations.

When it comes to you, specifically, Satan wants to steal, kill, and destroy you, because you represent God.  Satan and his demons try very hard to steal your joy and peace.  He will do anything he can to make you depressed, angry, sad, mad, and the list goes on.  Don’t let him do it!  Satan kills when he convinces someone to go against the commands of God or parents or anyone in authority.  What dies is who you are in Christ.  Your priorities, values, and morals will be sacrificed, because you’ll think that you have a right to do what you want to do.  Satan will take advantage of your busyness to kill your reading and studying the Word of God.  Finally, Satan destroys relationships with others.  Families are torn apart and destroyed when Satan can introduce rebellion into a family.  The love between husband and wife can be destroyed with the lies of Satan.  He is a deceiver.

Now, here comes the good part.  Jesus says in the second part of the verse above that He came so that you and I can have life and have it to its fullest.  Another translation for the full life is an abundant life.  That sounds a lot better than stealing, killing, and destroying.  I think you can see the sharp contrast from the work of Satan in this world and what God has done for you.  It’s interesting that even though we live in the world that is currently Satan’s domain, Jesus says that we can live a full life in the here and now.  It’s amazing to me that Believers can live a life like that on this earth.  But, that’s the whole point of God sending His Son to die for you and to free you from all of the broken parts of this world.  That’s why He has given you the Holy Spirit to help you fight the spiritual battles that Satan and his demons use to steal, kill and destroy.

Satan has no hold on you to steal, kill, and destroy anything you have, unless you allow it.  On the other hand, the abundant life is exactly what God wants you to have.  Why?  Not for you!  It is so that others might see Christ in you.  Again, Satan wants chaos and rebellion in this world.  We, as Christians, should not allow this chaos to control our emotions and our thoughts.

To live the abundant life is to think on the Almighty God and His work in your life.  Think about those things that are in heaven and live the abundant life.  Think on your fellowship with other Believers and live the abundant life.  Let’s all help one another to stay focused on Jesus Christ as our Great Shepherd who loves us and died for us.  Stop dwelling on the chaos, hopelessness, and filthiness of this world.

I know what I am about to say will hit most of you up-side the head with a 2×4.  Have you ever considered that the news you watch on TV and read in the newspaper is all about stealing, killing, and destroying?  In other words, the results of Satan’s work on this earth are being reported to you!  There is not much news reported that is not generated by Satan and his demons.  You may not like to hear this because you love the news and it’s a way to find out what is going on in this world.  I rest my case…it is the work of Satan in this world being reported.


With this in mind, I have a suggestion for you that is 100% guaranteed to improve your “abundant life” in Christ.  STOP watching and listening to any news for a month and see how your perspective changes.  By doing this, you have removed a major part of Satan’s influence to steal, kill, and destroy from your own life.  You will be living the abundant life.  Jesus came that you may have life and have it to its maximum.  Don’t compromise what Jesus has done for you.