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6/29/16 ­ Believers are children of God because of His love

6/22/16 – God has a plan that cannot be changed

6/15/16 – Jesus prays for you before His death

6/8/16 – You have received the Spirit who is from God

6/1/16 – Your future planning should always include God

6/24/15 - How God works in your life

6/17/15 – No place for worry in a Believer’s Life

6/10/15 – Created to be like God!

6/3/15 – How strong is your foundation?

The Book of James: The Behavior of Christians - It will hurt you!

Fathers: Do not exasperate your children

Fathers: How to Discipline Your Children

Does God Expect Men to be Spiritual Leaders

Fathers: You have not obeyed the words of the Bible