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Hey Carlton,
I remember talking to a friend years ago...I think I was telling him a story about myself...and he asked me if I thought I was prideful. I was taken aback at that and immediately responded, "No!" He then looked at me and said something I will never forget: "Sandy, any time you think you can do anything aside from the will and help of your Creator -- that's pride."
Since that moment, God has whittled away at my pride. Through moves, parenting challenges, financial challenges, and now health issues...He reminds me that I am completely dependent on Him - for every action, for every breath. I pray He will continue to humble me for His good purposes. Lord knows He's got His work cut out for Him...ha!
Great write-up this week. Hope you and D'Ette are well, hopeful and peaceful.
Date of Posting: 21 August 2014
Posted By: Sandy
Thank you for writing Life-Changing Verses and the one about men. This book has expanded the consciousness and ideas of women from various social, economic and cultural backgrounds offering a sense of understanding as they impart such information to the youth in their lives. The ideas articulated through your prose resonate deeply within the human condition. Your title is truly one of a C A T A G O R Y of its own. Your passion and dedication inspires me.
Date of Posting: 12 August 2014
Posted By: Roslyn Wolfe
Love this one too!
You do a great job with this.
Glad I am on your emailing list.
Date of Posting: 25 July 2014
Posted By: Barbara
Home Bible Study
This is from our small group to express how much we are enjoying Step by Step Through the OT. We all agree that you are a wonderfully gifted Bible teacher and scholar. Thank you for all you continue to do to point others to Jesus.
Date of Posting: 20 July 2014
Posted By: Joe and Lori
Home Bible Study
We laugh, we cry, we learn, we grow! Thank you for your enthusiasm and efforts making the DVDs- great study. In Christ,
Date of Posting: 18 July 2014
Posted By: Elaine

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