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Thank you for writing Life Changing Verses and the one about men. This book so far among a sample of our readership, has expanded the consciousness and ideas of women from various social, economic and cultural backgrounds offering a sense of understanding as they impart such information to the youth in their lives. The ideas articulated through your prose resonate deeply within the human condition.

Indeed, it was a pleasure speaking with you and many thanks for your offer of support, advice, and your desire for collaborative efforts.

Per our conversation, your book was brought to our attention through your publicist and a randomly selected group of 20 members of our readership were assigned to choose four books out of 12 to determine ones that stood out and would appeal to our audience. Your title is truly one of a C A T A G O R Y of its own. Your passion and dedication inspires me. As a result, we are reaching out to you to join Focus on Women Magazine’s La Femme De Prose eBookstore.

As a member, your book would remain in our eBookstore indefinitely. However, the moment you bring it into our bookstore, we will have it available for sale within 48 hours through ebook form or through soft cover. We would then promote your book through four venues, online through our exclusive social media forums, our radio show, our Speaker’s Series and in print in our magazine. This active promotion would continue for four months and your book would be available for sale for an indefinite period of time. We would add a significant increase to the cost of the ebook, for we have a market which would bear it.

Part of the proceeds of sales go to the Afghan Women’s Fund, a fund which helps women who have been mutilated, set afire and if raped sent to prison.

We have a circulation of 100,000 and have a contingent in Quebec, British Columbia, Vancouver, Australia, and of course throughout the United States. We are in print and online as you can see when you venture to our website.

You can buy any of the following as ebooks with part of the proceeds going to the Afghan Women’s Fund. Go to and look under the ebook tab.
Date of Posting: 04 October 2013
Posted By: Joslyn Wolfe
There are a few people you meet in life that you never forget. They leave their fingerprints on your heart. One of those for me is the author of this book. I met Carlton Arnold in 1993. I was being interviewed by Northside Baptist Church to consider being their pastor. Carlton and his wife were two of the 45 people in attendance at that dinner.

During the question and answer time, there was a bit of a lull. Carlton quietly spoke up from the back and said, “I have a question. Bruce, what do you see here?” I’ve never forgotten the question, or my answer. I replied, “I see people everywhere.” From there I spilled the vision God was putting in my heart for Liverpool and Syracuse and reaching people for Christ. That moment was a launching pad for the last twenty years.

We are living in a day with few godly men. Carlton Arnold is a godly man. We need many more. Though I was only his pastor for a couple of years before he and D’Ette moved to the Atlanta area, he was always supportive, encouraging and not afraid to challenge me in the right sort of way. I’ve had the privilege to visit and stay in their home, only to reap more wisdom and encouragement. He’s always asked questions and made statements that you thought about for days, or years.

There was hardly a week that went by that he wasn’t meeting with another man or group of men for breakfast to encourage them in their walk with the Lord. He was and is highly respected, and always offered godly counsel. He didn’t always answer your questions but rather pointed you in the direction of the one who would—the Lord Jesus Christ.

Carlton loves the word of God. That is where He gets his wisdom. He loves his family, and the local church. Above all, he loves Jesus. I gladly commend this book to you. You will be blessed to learn from one of the greatest teachers I’ve ever known.

Carlton called me recently, because the Lord had put it on his heart to reach out and offer encouragement. He cares, and in that way and many others, he reminds me of Jesus.
Date of Posting: 14 September 2013
Posted By: Bruce Aubrey
Life Changing Verses
This is a great book to have with you when you have a few minutes. It reduces some of your favorite verses into bite-sized chunks that you can absorb. Your life would be better if you took five minutes to read one chapter a day.
Date of Posting: 27 June 2013
Posted By: Josh Hunt
Changing our lives may not be a subject that we want to think about or deem necessary since the world tells us that we alone have the power to control our destiny. However, when desperate situations eventually confront us, then we realize no longer are we the captain but the slave. It is during this time of humility and hopelessness that God can change our lives. God uses these downers so that we may develop a closer relationship with Him. God knows we need encouragement and we need hope. He gives them to us through his Word--the Bible, His love letters to us. For meaningful life changing experiences to occur, we must first accept Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior and open our hearts to Him. We are now prepared for God to start working on us. He does this many times by placing certain individuals in our lives that He has equipped through the Holy Spirit to teach us the Bible. Great things now start to happen as we learn of our awesome Creator!

My good friend and brother in Christ, Carlton Arnold, has been given a unique gift to impart God’s Word in a way that is pertinent, personal and crystal clear, so that I know God is speaking to me. These are words with the power to change one’s life, and indeed they have done so with mine.

Carlton has been writing “Life Changing Verses” for our congregation over the past several years. Basically his style is selecting Bible verses, describing their essence and making them personal. The fundamentally unedited results as you will soon experience are truly amazing, but not surprising, considering the work of the Holy Spirit. We are delighted that Carlton has compiled these writings into a book so that others may benefit from God’s Word.

May you allow God to change your life through His Word, and may you be blessed by these verses.
Date of Posting: 12 June 2013
Posted By: Walter L. (Lou) Meier III, M.D
Still more great verses
This is a great book to have with you when you have a few minutes. It reduces some of your favorite verses into bite-sized chunks that you can absorb. Your life would be better if you took five minutes to read one chapter a day.
Date of Posting: 07 May 2013
Posted By: Josh Hunt

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