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Wow!! Thank you Lord for a man who loves your word and is not ashamed to share it with whomever.
Thanks for been in my life you are such a blessing to.
Date of Posting: 15 January 2015
Posted By: Zelpha
Carlton, my brother, you are definitely moving upward in your writings. They are simple, short and yet very powerful, just like the words of our Master. Don't ever stop teaching us.
Your eternal friend and servant,
Date of Posting: 06 January 2015
Posted By: Lou
That is comforting.
I remember when I was traveling and would be welcomed by the desk agent at the Holiday Inn, by name. It was so encouraging to know some was expecting me.
I envision this happening in heaven- HAPPY NEW YEAR.
THANKS for your dedicated work every day spreading the Good News
Date of Posting: 13 December 2014
Posted By: Ron
Good morning Carlton,
I will be very honest that generally the volume of emails makes it to where I am not able to give these Life-Changing verses the attention that they clearly deserve. This morning, I knew there was something I needed to see.
“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him;”
I have heard this several times in the past 24 hours. Message received. Thank you for allowing the Word to flow through you!
Have a blessed day!!
Date of Posting: 03 December 2014
Posted By: Jennifer
Just so you know what an impact you have- I have given two books to one of my grandfathers here at preschool. He and I just had a conversation about his destination. He is Catholic and his wife passed away a couple of years ago. I shared with him all that he had to do was confess and believe and live it out for others. I gave him the Life Changing verses for men and God and Men. Cannot thank you enough for stopping by. I am sorry I was preoccupied with fire drill. I want to come see you and D'Ette. I need it. I will call you before I come.
Date of Posting: 01 October 2014
Posted By: Cristen Thompson

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